Mechatronics Engineer


Robotic Design and Modelling

Preparing technical drawings and 3D models of a robot or device, using a CAD Software. Programmatically model them to see behaviours.

Embedded System Programming

B&R PLC Hard Real Time,Linux headless, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo & Edison Boards, Pic Microcontroller, Arduino etc.

Robotic Calculations for Complex Applications

Forward & Inverse Kinematics, Featherstone Algorithm, Potensial Field Algorithm. Calculation for different type of robots and complex applications.

Robust Control Algorithm

Manage, command, direct or regulate the behaviour of devices or systems.

Internet Of Things, Device Solutions

MQTT Protocol, M2M Communication, Sensor Applications, Driving Different Type Actuators etc.

PCB Design

Making a prototype with a PCB circuit, when I have an idea to produce a device or a robot.

Game Programming & Physics Engine

Game programming using Unity Engine with C# programming language.

GUI Applications

Linux:Tkinter, Kivy Windows:Unity 3D, Windows Store, Windows Form, WPF

Kinect Sensor Applications

Creating applications by processing 3 dimensional coordinate datas of human joints or depth point datas in 3D space from Kinect Sensor on Linux or Windows.

Project Technical Management

Prototyping with different manufactoring methods. Deciding actuators, sensors, materials of chassis and their manufactoring style or prices.


  • Python

  • Idle
  • V-Rep Simulation
  • MikroC Pro

  • Solidworks

  • Proteus (Isis-Ares)

  • Trello

  • Linux (Ubuntu/Debian)
  • Programming Language

  • C#

  • Programming Software

  • Visual Studio
  • Unity3D

  • 3D Model & Render

  • Catia v5

  • PCB Design

  • Project Management Tools

  • Wunderlist

  • Operation System

  • MacOS

  • C /C++

  • Arduino

  • Keyshot

  • Slack

  • Windows


Hisseli Harikalar Fabrikası - Brand Experience Engineers

Head of Production

April 2016 - ...

Hisseli Harikalar is an experimental marketing agency which focused on technology. The creative team includes engineers and imagine marketing process with the newest technologies. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT, Wearable Technologies... We bring together the brand and the inovations due to our Know-How. We produce interactive event technologies or products to improve user experience in an organization for brand awareness of participants. Our products catch the participants' attention and keep brand representative in touch with the potential customers.

SANLAB Simulation

Intern R&D Engineer

June-September 2015

I have learned and practised robust control algorithm to drive industrial servo actuator and inverse kinematic calculation of a parallel robots. the company was producing simulation softwares to educate construction machine drivers. However, a small group of engineers and academicians was working on a high technology 6-Dof motion platform which is called as "Steward Platform". I worked with this R&D group about embedded system programming with C programming language. My last one month, I started to work with software team. I have developed a paramotor simulation on my own with Unity Graphic and Physics Engine. I leard how to program games and use physics engine efficiently with C# language.

Bosch Rexroth - Bursa Factory

Intern Assembly Engineer

July-August 2014

I practiced the theoritical lessons I learned in the university owing to manufacturing internship in bosch Rexroth Bursa Factory. I understood how I can solve the problems my business life in the future. Production on consequence of customer orders caused that the engineers decide rapidly and as a reasen of this situation, I witnessed many problems must be solved and solving process. I saw and understood the provisions of production in a factory. "Problem Solving Techniques Training" was trained intern student. This training was very effective and helpful.


Event Photo Pro - Mobile, Social Media Integrated, Photobooth

Hisseli Harikalar Fabrikası


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Aquabooth - Underwater Photobooth Device

Hisseli Harikalar Fabrikası

August 2016

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Paramotor Simulation

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Obstacle Avoidance - Robotic Arm Project

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IoNeeds Open IoT Project

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Whole Body Teleoperation With Humanoid Robot Using Kinect Sensor

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More Older Projects

Honors & Awards

Eclipse Open IoT Challenge Runner-up


April 2015

IoNeeds (Internet Of Needs) Project

First Place Of Intel ITC IoT Hackathon


December 2014

IoNeeds (Internet Of Needs) Project

Third Place Of Free Style Category in IYTE İztech Roboleage'14

İzmir Institute of Technology & IEEE

October 2014

Whole Body Teleoperation With Humanoid Robot Using Kinect Sensor

First Place Of 9th Projistor Technical Project Competition

Doğuş University IEEE & Engineering Faculty

May 2014

Whole Body Teleoperation With Humanoid Robot Using Kinect Sensor

Third Place Of Free Style Category in Konya Mevlana University - First Robotic Competition

Konya Mevlana University - Engineering Faculty

April 2014

Whole Body Teleoperation With Humanoid Robot Using Kinect Sensor

Third Place Of Free Style Category in 11th International METU Robotic Days

METU Robotic Society

March 2014

Robotik Avatar Project (Whole Body Teleoperation With Humanoid Robot Using Kinect Sensor)

Second Place Of Free Style Category in YTÜ Yıldız Savaşları Robotic Competition


March 2014

Robotik Avatar Project (Whole Body Teleoperation With Humanoid Robot Using Kinect Sensor)

Third Place Of Garbage Collector Category in İYTE İztech Roboleage'13

İzmir Institute of Technology -IEEE

October 2013

Kör Olası Çöpçüler / Bahcesehir University


Kinect & Robot Programming Seminar


11 April 2015

Bilgeadam Beşiktaş Şube

Robotics Training Camp

Organizer & Trainer

27 - 31 January 2014
Bahcesehir University - Mechatronics Club


RC Model Plane Manufacture


01 - 02 February 2014
Bahçeşehir Fen ve Teknoloji Lisesi - Mechatronics Club


Computer Aided Engineering Seminar

Organizer & Participant

25 February 2014
Anova Şirketi – ANSYS - Mechatronics Club

Facebook Group ;


BAURobotics Days

Bahcesehir University - Mechatronics Club
Vice Organizer

22 - 23 January 2014


11th International METU Robotic Days, Aselsan & Türk Traktor Technical Visits

Organizer & Competitor

11 March 2014
Ankara - Mechatronics Club


Ford-Otosan Technical Visit


15 April 2014
Gölcük - Mechatronics Club



Erasmus Programme


September 2015 – February 2016

University of Bielsko-Biala
Bielsko-Biala / Poland

Website ;

Sexual Equality and Human Rights Youth Project

Human Rights

July – 2010

Sevilla En Acción Youth Club
Sevilla / Spain

Facebook Group ;

BAU Mechatronics Club (IEEE-RAS)


December 2013 - June 2015

Facebook Group ;


  • Snowboard
  • Playing Guitar
  • Rollerblade
  • Singing
  • Ice-Skating
  • Swimming & Waterpolo


Bahcesehir University - İstanbul, Türkiye

Mechtronics Engineering

2011 – 2016

Activities and Societies:Water Polo Team, Aselsan Technical Visit, Ford - Otosan Technical Visit, TAI Technical Visit, Mechatronics Engineering Club, Robotic Training

Çanakkale Science Highschool - Çanakkale, Türkiye

Science and Mathematic — 86

2007 – 2011

Activities and Societies: "Sexual Equality and Human Rights" Youth Project in Sevilla / Spain, Poem Concert in Çanakkale, Vocal And Guitarist Of A Rock Music Band

Utku OLCAR — www.utkuolcar.comutkuolcar@gmail.com — (544) 816 9951